Thursday, January 19, 2006


5 days of Fun+Work+Food+Loads of Activity+Learning + Meeting great ppl + Many many new friends ...


Lake View Guest house HCU

Food :)No photoediting involved :)

With Dr. Andrew Blake

After not participating in initial planning stages of WCVGIP/ACCV, I finally got a chance to do some work. I along with Vandana and Gopal got the responsibility of Accomodation. We sat on a small desk near to the reception desk. Had lots of fun taking ppl to HCU Hostel H/ HCU Guesthouse and IIIT Hostels etc. That was our accomodation desk which was up during almost 99% starting 11th evening till 13th afternoon (particularly before Kanade's talk).

Our Accomodation Desk

14th Onwards I was only suppose to go to HCU in the morning and get the ppl to Taj Krishna from there. Sounds simple! No it wasn't that easy. We were suppose to start from HCU guesthouse at 7:20 AM. Now that time is really too early to ask any one to wake up, specially when all guys are from Engineering colleges. So as expected we never started on time :). 14th we reached safely, 15th we reached just in time, and 16th was a different story altogether.
IIT Bombday gang

On 16th morning, since most ppl had their luggage with them, made the bigger bus stand on the Hostel H, as against guest house. Then I went to guest house with other ppl had some photographs there during our breakfast. By the time I came back to hostel H the driver was gone. Now I was helpless, we blew the horn for some time, but no help. Finally we left from HCU at 8:03 AM when the talk was supposed to start at 8:30 AM. before I was gonna say sorry to the ppl in the bus, those ppl themselves said its okay, and they don't care much about the Plenary talk, that was much relieving.

HCU gang

The return journeys were fun too. Special one was from Rock Garden to HCU, where lot of confussion occured over buses. When Finally we got in the bus and I was trying to make room for the ladies(girls) :) I discovered three Chinese(realised later during conversation) were sitting, in this full packed bus. Surprisingly, I automatically changed my tone and spoke in broken/slow english and what I spoke was clear to them in the first attempt. The rest of the bus journey was fun too, especially because I had to collect money for the breakfast during this trip.

All the guys in the HCU hostels and Guest house have made this whole event very memorable and enjoyful. I hope they feel same too.
Part of the HCU gang
(me occluded under the red bag)

Part of Organizing team
Part of Organizing team, after the conference got over.

Funny ? Yeah I know :)

ACCV Banquet at Rock Garden


  1. thanks for the photos man! where is zisserman?

  2. I am skeptical about hosting his photo on internet, 'coz I learnt he doesn't like it.

    Also I don't want to be the first bakara to do so :) I will provide them to you personally by email if you need it ;-)

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