Wednesday, January 04, 2006


A very good article about why KDE rules.

Thats why KDE remains my favourite destop environment, It does consumes large amount of memory and is difficult to run with Matlab on a 256 MB machine of mine but it still is the best desktop for an average Linux user. I normally defend any critiscism of KDE by friends with some good points about KDE architecture and programmability. Yes I have tried programming in both Gnome and KDE environment and KDE is simply much more usable and mature for writting big good softwares.

The article talks in details about concepts which I knew vaguely and was most interested in knowing implementation wise.
Some sections discussed include DCOP, KIOSlaves, KPart. Would you guess that you can add text to a Kword document from command line using Dcop, or that you could query Amarok music player about the songs and playlist from command line? How about sending some one the output of a command (ls -l) using kopete and kontact. See below.

Meanwhile I installed amaroK lately, Yes the dependencies really sucked but then Yum was there to help. and the extra time I spend making the gstreamer work with amaroK looks worth, when I listen to music. I am already beginning to put headphones on all the time. (Unfortunately, amarok crashes on my computer during the startup sometimes due to some Gstreamer problem probably, I found the workaround, change the engine to arts engine, apply and then set it back to gstreamer work without segfault :))

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