Sunday, January 08, 2006

In the News...CERT 2005 report, Google Pack and new Linux Phones

Lots of crappy news articles went around saying Linux less secure than Windows and similar stuff, various sites specially those who look for catchy news just tried to cash some hits by putting such headlines. Simple explanation for the numbers was that those guys (CERT team) added the number of vulnerability of All Linux Distros + All Unixes( HPUX, AIX, Solarix and may be other) + All Free Software bugs + MacOS bugs in to a category called Unix/Linux vulnerabilities and those unethical or stupid authors just removed the 'Unix/' from the the sentence as they liked. For a balanced reported article read this one.

In other news, Google has released another very initiated product Google Pack. Well anyone who installs a new OS realizes how much Google Pack will be important for him. I just guess there software collection will become better over time. It already has Real Media player, Acrobat reader, Google Earth, Google Desktop etc. Surely an intelligent step towards achieving a good base.

Also in news are some great Linux phones from Motorola and other vendors. Sadly Motorola doesn't wan't Linux smart phones to be programmed in QT but using Java.

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  1. If not for going through the post once more, I would have misunderstood that google pack is just a linux distro with its own software! :)