Sunday, April 09, 2006

Linux Gaining grounds in India?

There was a post/story I read on yesterday (via Google news of course) titled ¨Linux is a big Hit In India". The post got slashdoted today. The story does bring some interesting information about some heavy deployment of Linux in India.

The interesting news was that India's largest Insurance company, LIC(Life Insurance Corporation of India) sealed a deal with Red Hat to use its desktop and server software.

Besides this a small list of big enterprises using Linux already was provided in the post: IDBI Bank, Canara Bank, New India Assurance, LIC, BSNL, IRCTC, ABN Amro, Airtel and even the governments of Maharashtra and West Bengal.
Another such list is maintained at

I am sure Linux does have long way to go ahead in terms of Desktop adaption in the country. But the news like this will surely help dispell some FUD created by big enterprises against Linux. More important would be some ISV coming up with software on Linux. Budding Indian enterpreneurs can definitely try looking at this option now where they can directly compete with others who are also in the starting stage of understanding/exploring software development for Linux.


  1. desktop usage is also gaining grounds.
    the government of AP uses Openoffice instead of MS Office and has cut down cost by a few crore rupees

  2. Desktop as well as Enterprise Linux will definitely be the order of the day.
    One way to eradicate FUD about Linux or any Open Source in general is making it easily available to people.
    Once the people start understanding that not only are these softwares easily available (currently the mindset is that you can acquire the various Distros ONLY if you have a good Internet connection), there will be no stopping.

    I have already taken a step in this direction : The OpenSourceDeal is my startup venture. Check it out at :
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