Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mahaveer Jayanti 2006

Today (11 April) is Mahaveer Jayanti. As usual for last 3-4 years, I went to temple with some friends. Its usually one of the two visits I make to the temple in a year, so Its of importance atleast to me.
(These photos are of Jain temple at Aagapur, Hyderabad, India)
Mahaveer Jayanti 2006

I came to know that many who searched Mahaveer Jayanti 2005 ended up going to flickr photos uploaded by me. I though ppl would like to have some more for this year, so here are them. Some Jain temples are really beautiful and you must check them out.
Mahaveer Jayanti 2006Jain temple Aagapura, Hyderabad

Maharveer PrabhuMahaveer Jayanti 2006

Since I myself don't know much about Janism so I wudn't say anything further, but there is this interesting thing in the temple, which the notes on the photo(flickr) should tell you how to use it. 100_3205.JPG

On our trip, we also went to Karanchi Bakery, this was the first time I was there and I am sure its going to get regular visits from now on. Also visited this Agrawala sweet shop while coming back. The shop provide 100% pure veg stuff: cakes, pasteries etc. Some preview should be helpfull :) [No I am not paid for adverstising for them, but yes the option is open] [and Yes I do love sweets a lot]

Sweets ummm... Delicious
Pastries can be eggless too


  1. Jainism Rocks :) ..
    Karachi Bakery is a great place.But a tad too costly :).

  2. Happy Mahavir Jayanti.

    And haan... thanks for the sweets.

  3. @halley : Yes it does! Though they are lots of restriction to follow it strictly, you can choose ur own set :)

    Karachi bakery is really expensive, the price is almost double the usual price in market. But one you are in its difficult to resists.

    @nirnimesh: Thanks. You are always very welcome to eat sweets 'coz u eat very little :)