Saturday, April 01, 2006

April fools traps...

Over years April fools day has been becoming more and more uninteresting. Today it was not so. We had lots of funny news articles and so on.
Google did launch a interesting Beta product on this day. Its Google Romance. Those unaware of the date might have tried it for once. Since the product may get removed from the site soon. Here is a screenshot. Should go thru the quick tour of the product its funny :)

Slashdot on the other hand totally fooled me. I didn't remember the April fools day and on my first visit to slashdot today, I truly thought that slashdot was Hijacked. Oh my God. Slashdot guys are truly creative and humourous.

The funniest post from slashdot read
" Our marketing department has done extensive research over the last 3 quarters and discovered that our audience is strangely disproportionately skewed towards males. Like, 98.3% males to be precise. To correct this oversight, we have decided to subtly tweak Slashdot's design and content to widen our appeal to these less active demographics. Don't worry! We'll still continue to serve our core audience, but we hope you'll work with us as we try to find a balance that will work for all.
In the evening the top news on slashdot was Bill gates buying open office. :)

Any interesting article you came up across ?

In totally unrelated stuff, we MSbR students were called up last in the list of students to be given Farewell and all the time before being called we kept wondering if we were again made April fools. (You know MSbRs date of leaving is not a very well planned :)) Well we did get farewell at the end, photos in next post probably.

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