Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Indian Politicians: They can even sell their country

That was a popular joke about Indian politicians kept on the basis of their performance in field of Corruption. In recent past some defence deals scams proved that the joke can actually turn in to reality. This post is not regarding scams but related to our politicians...

Today I was shocked to see the news regarding reservation in the paper. They say that our government is planing to introduce upto 49.5% reservation in educational institutes like IITs and IIMs. Won't you call out politicians Stupid and Insane. Well most of them are uneducated too. Some have criminal records too. When such ppl are leading our country, the future can only be bleak.

It was not a surprize when government wanted to pass a LAW forcing private offices (companies) to have reservations, thankfully the supreme court denied it. (Otherwise we would have been strugling for our jobs twice as hard).

I generally tend to avoid politics but these morons are making this country a shit place. A politician was once asked "If there are two Doctors' one who got the degree on basis of merit and other who was put there on basis of reservation, which one would you get ur treatement done by?" The politician was obviously dumb. (He was quite sure he wont go to such a hospital where you get SC/ST grads, he can easily afford a better hostpital with highly qualified doctors).

It doesn't even make sense to have ppl enter the top notch colleges on the basis of Caste rather then performance. What is the use of such engineers and doctors who don't have the basic knowledge to take up these courses. Why should the ppl in general category who are much more capable be deprived of the justice ? The ppl from classes getting reservation might be happy when they have the benefits due to reservation but would they we happy when given second class service by unqualified ppl ?

I was imagining how nice it would be if Political parties had some kind of entrance exam or recruitment. Where there was a limit on number of seats and then there was this quota stuff. Then only they can realise the effect of quota on us.

Why can't these ppl from SC/ST/OBC compete fairly against ppl from general category ? Who stops thems. They can be given monitory consideration for their education, they can be given better conditions to study but what justifies giving them easier entry to good colleges compared to actual merititous student ?

Our government has shown lots of interest in protecting rights of the so called backward classes in the country, they want every second student in the schools, colleges and government job to be from these ppl. Thats the max we can expect do be done by an army of uneducated fools who only care for getting votes in next election.

The bigger problem is every political party is afraid of lossing votes and doesn't dare to come against such unjustice to the general castes. Its probably a right time for ppl from NON backward classes to have some protests against the current reservation laws else they will see themselves entering in to minority in schools, colleges and even public offices.


  1. Hmm.. well, what about the recruitment in IIT? Wont the company know that the person has come into IIT through the SC/ST quota? Wont this mean that there will be 0 recruitment from them till there is even a single 'kinda ok' chap left from the general category?

    And well, arent 'general people' strong enough in numbers to make the politicians think about them too? Even if its just for votes.

  2. an obvious no, there will always be 'kinda ok' guys everywhere. There will always be ppl who do well in everycollege( basic law of averages ). you see one be against the rule, thats fine. but one must not generalise the ppl who came with the help of quota to be - 'kinda ok'

    and tullu will always be tullu

  3. @Anurag: The problem with companies is that they don't have sufficient criteria to judge suitable ppl. They go to some colleges and blindly recruit the ppl because they are from that college.
    Its not surprizing that a Metallugry guy from some IIT gets paid more than a CS guy from our institute in some company, those ppl in the companies can't judge the ppl ability by work then only God can help.

    Companies won't do this AIEEE rank kind of bussiness in any IIT as they did in IIIT. Its all brandname funda and foriegn managers decission making, you can expect it to be dumb.

    @blah: I agree. 4 years s a good period to make anyone a better candidate for anything. There must be many Meritious grads from SC/ST too, but the problem is they got a kinda wildcard entry and the deserving candidate suffered. Who knows if the deserving candidate cud have done much better ?

    The figures are something like this a guy with 3000 rank in general IIT JEE will have almost same marks as one in ST/SC with rank around 10-15. The later ones makes it to CS and the former goes to some of the worst branches. But companies don't put too much brain while recruiting :)

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  5. The degree given by these premiere institutes doesn’t mention that these people are from X Y Z class, notwithstanding the mark that they can never make it to the top in those respected institutes. Even people who does would do that anyway. The point is that hand in hand with this shit we would also see reservations in the private companies ( Had they passed the bill already) , and you don’t have so much choice left. Double whammy at best. The door to secret garden has just started to open .