Thursday, March 23, 2006

My second job offer

Many friends told they weren't aware of my Google Job offer and were angry about not informing. Well after 5 rounds and a period of around 67 days starting from (Dec 6 and ending Feb 13) I am recruited by Google for its Hyderabad office.

Surprizingly the choice between the companies (my first offer and this one) is not easy to make. I do have some time to decide and so the decision is postponed for now.


  1. congratulations!!, I heard it in a grapewine and even its in BUzz.

  2. sir whichever u select...giv other 1 to me :D...
    jst kiddin...Congrats...

  3. Thanks guys.

    Piyush: u have got lots of time and talent to prepare and get both of them or better ! Probably you might be making tougher choices :)

  4. As it turns out, I have accepted the offer from Google!

  5. Hi, all....1 of the top MNC is recuruting for its Hyd US inbound process, PAY FOR ENTRY 9000 - 15000, send your resumes to my id at You would have 15days training in 3star resort. Even for undergraduates.

  6. Hi Vardhaman

    Congrats man for job in GOOGLE,my dream company.hope my dream will come soon.

    Thanks man Enjoy a lot.