Tuesday, March 07, 2006

IIIT Hyderabad R&D showcase 2006

Will try to summarise the R&D showcase06 in some details with some photographs

Well Mr. Ramdurai was not able to visit IIIT on 3rd march as chief guest because of Bush(disrespect intended). The talk was therefore not possible. ultimately a panel discussion was held on the topic "Challenges in IT research for India". The discussion is worth a separate post. Key point, we need more institutes like IIIT and we need to tap more and more research oriented/enthusiast students rather than spoil their tallent in other activities :) We need more research!


This time extra importance was given to Industry participation but results were not encouraging. The times when only invitees were supposed to visit labs mostly no one came. We had participation from GE and I just now heard from my friend their that GE ppl are really impressed with the institute, professors and the students. Great!

On the other hand students participation was great. Many juniors came and saw the demo, some inquired some technical details too. Prof Kamal suggested students to enquire activities in the labs before taking Honours, which I guess is a great idea. I was excited by seeing the R&D demos by my seniors in past years.
(specially remember the demo of flag simulation by Kopos, which made me very interested in graphics :))

Though ppl are generally excited by seeing most of the demos, Robotics lab, CVIT, CDE lab demos seem to draw lot of crowd. This time we had some real robots moving in the robotics demos ppl were excited to see them. If I am not wrong the electronics demos were also mixed with Robotics lab, some of them were interesting too (like the robot neighbour detection using IRids). In CDE lab the multiagents demos with graphical output get most attention. CVIT lab is all about graphical and visually appealing output. This time Nirnimesh demonstrated his display wall project on a 3x4 array of comps photos attached. Many satellite imaging, OCR related and Medical processing projects were shown along with many of image and Video processing ones.

The display wall which was one of the highlights this time. We already have clusters building up at IIIT !!! Who's says we aren't good at hardware ?

Some photographs clicked at random times, showing great deal of excitement and participation at R&D:



Me and vakiba explaining our work

My camera remained mostly in our room only so photos cover very small part of R&D. I will upload more photos as they are available.

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  1. shit. i missed it yet again. had time yesterday to see only shiben's & nirni's demos. have to go and see the others too!

    my flag simulation got you interested in honors! yaaay! you made my day :)