Monday, March 20, 2006

And the first flight journey came up

I always wanted to have my first flight sponsored by some one, specially after seeing so many ppl from my Batch and otherwise being called for by various companies either for some annual party or for interviews and given flight tickets.
Somehow that kind of free ticket didn't work out yet, but yes somebody did sponsor my first flight (leave aside the details). It was from Hyderabad to Nagpur on this 11th evening. So many ppl spoke so bad about Air Deccan I was wondering how will the flight be but it wasn't that bad afterall.
To start with they did delay the flight by 2 hrs 15 minutes to launch at 7:45 PM instead of 5:30 PM. But unlike ppl told they did take the pain of sending me SMS and calling me on cell up on my cell and to inform that at around 2 PM and 2:30 PM respectively.
Then I reached the airport at around 7:10 PM or so against the expected 40 minutes before flight thing. This was the first entry inside airport. I had no idea where to guy and to be frank Air Deccan didn't have good enuf instructions to tell me, I finally found a enquiry booth, and then the verifcation etc took place, I reached a room which was kind of entry to the actual take off area. I was looking for some display boards for numbers etc there was one which was by Jet and none by Air Deccan. Ultimately I found someone waiting for the same flight and sat near him, stragely enuf there was no announcement but 2-3 persons coming and shouting "Air Deccan Nagpur passengar please get in to bus" (like normal autos :)).

Soon we were in the plane. It was kinda very smaller in size than other planes nearby, and from inside it was surely very small, unlike those shown in movies. Anyways the seating was quite good and the journey was quite good too. There were no such things as fears of crash hear and there :). There were some annoucements during the flights, which cotained some ads too :), at the middle of the journey there was an annoucement, "We are 20000ft (or 40000ft) altitude, travelling at 450 KMPH and outside temp is -15 degree celcius". Wow it then felt more like being in some entirely different kind of journey.

Inside the flight they do serve you snacks just that you have to buy them, it wasn't to costly too. I had gud enuf snacks for 60 bucks.
The flight landed down well and safe and on time too. the whole jouney completed at around 9:15 PM. During the flight I talked to the person sitting on the neighbouring seat, who told that he has travelled to many countries and almost all kind of flights, and that Air Deccan was not much different from all of them accept for the small amount of goodies, bells and whistles.
Since the journey was in night I cudn't see much of clouds and stuff even the photos and video I took are too motion blurred to make any sense. I would be looking forward for a morning journey next time.

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  1. Hi Vardhman! Nice to see your post on first-time flying. I work with Air Deccan, and we revel in such accounts of air travel.

    Happy flying forever.

    Anurag Jain