Sunday, March 26, 2006

FlickrExport Gets better

Has been long since I updated the app(in fact a plugin). Today when I wanted to upload photos to flickr again and I decided to first improve the app. (Isn't it nice, you can change the app you want to use :), well thats why opensource rocks)

Since Most reader don't know what I am talking about. I wrote and maintain a simple plugin for Uploading photos from Digikam (and some other KDE image viewers etc). Digikam FYKI is a powerful image management application for *nix. Do try it out if you like to play with images.

FlickrExport Gets better

Some one else also requested this functionaly to directly upload the selection of image in the host application like Digikam, Kimdaba or gwenView. This is of course useful since you can use the best selection etc functionality of you app and then directly upload them rather than using the limited File Selection dialog of KIPI.

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