Thursday, March 09, 2006

Trying desktop decoration :)

Well I never cared about those stuff until Jagmohan asked me if there are "Themes in Linux like Windows?". I thought there must be lot of such stuff so just went to and looked for themes. Sorted them on number of downloads. I got the theme name Bhagira, somehow the name looked familiar (may be ppl posted their desktop screenshot with this name). Grabbed it. Compiled and installed on my Work Machine a Fedora Core 3 box (On my room's test bed system with KDE 3.5 there seem to be some compilation error probably because of QPainter class).

These screenshots are in this config: GNU/Linux distro FC3+KDE3.3+Superkaramba+Baghira (theme in KDE styles and window Decoration)
Here are some screenshots. The OSX bar at the bottom is due to superkaramba.



Oops!!! I mistakenly uploaded pngs to Flickr. Not only got my quote depleted too soon. It will probably be difficult to load too, sorry guys :)

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