Sunday, September 18, 2005

FSF AP Workshop at Osmania University

Thanks to Kiran Babu, I was able to attend the FSF AP's workshop on FLOSS for students from Hyderabad and nearby districts at Osmania University today. The idea was simple, "just show the students the power of GNU/Linux and other OSS and they willtransfer(spread) their knowledge amoung their batchmates in their college."
The idea is much similar to IIIT's ExOR workshop.

Me and Vakiba gave a small talk on "Introduction to GNU/Linux, installation, simple administration, and general usage",(material here).
Chaitanya then gave a talk on MySql(database), Umbrello(uml designer) and Doxygen(documentation generator), which I hope will be of great use to these studens for doing their projects.
Then Sunilmohan gave a talk on Programming in GNU/Linux platform, GCC and
GCJ followed by an introduction to Latex by OSK.

(I realized this while writing the post that IIITians are leading the FSF activities in AP).

During interaction with the students at the Lunch and/or tea break, I realized that some of them are really interested in exploring Linux, and some are even going to distribute the knowledge they gained here to other colleges and people. Many appreciated Vakiba's idea of giving handouts during the presentation.

Earlier during the inaugration FSF AP convener told about how much M$ is alarmed due to increasing activities of FSF and use of OSS. They(M$) just ended up installing free Windows and other applications to many schools in nearby places when the local mayors seeked help of FSF for porting their systems to GNU/Linux system. I am sure M$ effor will go in vain, they can't just keep doing this work everywhere. Once OSS has caught the eyes of a students, M$ products will mostly be dumped by them whether given for money or free.


  1. Hi Vardhman,

    Im in the process of converting my pc completely to Linux soon from Windows. Ive already got two of my non-geek friends interested in getting to install Linux the coming week. Anyways, is there a way i can be a part of this FSF? Whom is the point of contact for me?


  2. Hi Shashank,

    Great to see that IIITians spreading the word of Linux.

    Adapa and group would be happy to see new ppl joining their FSF, Sunilmohan Adapa, Prasad, Chaitanya, Varanasi Kiran Babu(all 99 Batch ppl) are all FSF-AP core members, I think you can just get in touch with any of them.

    As I wrote in the post, FSF has very large percentage of its members as IIITians.