Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Some cool movies

I had long earlier narrowed down my choice of movies to Comedy and Romantic only. So most movies I watch are of these genre. Here are some I saw in last 1-2 months.

Scary Movie 1-3 : Comedy. Scary Movie 3 review at IMax was like a warning to not see this movie, but due to lack of anything else I couldn't avoid watching it and I didn't regret watching it. It was cool. In fact we (me and Jagga) went ahead and watched the other 2 also. Generally the movies will not be very interesting if you haven't seen the original movies for e.g Usual Suspect, Exorcist (the scene when the girl says f**k me left me ROFL) etc.

Taxi 2 (French Movie): Comedy. It keeps my rating of French movies high, the previous onces were 100 Girls and Amile. (Hope I understand more words in the movie over time.)

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