Monday, September 19, 2005

What is Microsoft

In respond to some M$ fan's post on his blog.
What is M$, well they call it a Innovative company, which files for patents like double click, using email as an object(tell me what it means, that you can drag it around the Desktop like files and folders ?), Apple's ipod technology (hahaha), also Vfat file system(which was already invented and described in a paper, before M$ implemented it), Use of tab key in keyboard to navigate links, and lots of other crapy stuff.
[All news were read from slashdot over past some time, you can search in slashdot if you wish to clarify]

Lets peek at some of the technologies/products of M$:
1) MS DOS (bought from some one for 50000 $)
2) Office (Powerpoint was bought from someone, eXcel was bought from someone else(Wipro AFAIK))
3) Hotmail (bought from Sabir Bhatia)
4) Windows 95 (copied/pirated totally from Apple, Billy has to join Apple to see the code?)
5) Loghorn (Every thing copied from Mac OS X, Window/Menu transparency, 3D, Spotlight(filesearch) etc.)
6) Monad (or whatever their Bash look-alike is, the source if obvious)
7) .NET ( JAVA++, J2EE++ )
8) MSN search (again bought from someone, ideas copied from Google/Yahoo too)
9) Email (they gave 4 MB, until Google gave 1 GB, when they realized that space was cheap and more should be offered, They are probably in process of copying the actual gmail interface currently)
10) Personalized MSN (again probably Yahoo or Google copied)
11) Some MSN earth search stuff( Again Google Maps, Google Earth copied)
12) Finally IE 7.0 ( you know they are still in process of copying stuff from Firefox/Opera, if they were the first to concieve the idea of tabs, by names tabs should have been patented too, they will probably still claim a patent on tabbed browsing (their usual style).
13) Some Ad stuff( Google adsense)
14) Desktop Search (again Spotlight(Mac OSX) + Google Desktop's copy).
More research done by some ppl here [1], [2] [3]

And they fired one employee who captured photos of arrival of Macintoshes in to their company in his blog[4]. What should it indicate.
Do I need to put more examples? And then there is this CEO of there who was already a gone case, and now conditions are deteriorating with Microsoft employees shifting to Google.(one of the many funny mentions on the net)
If you could refer to my post on FSF AP, you find a mention of M$ giving free Windows and related software begging ppl to just use it in schools, when they are on there way to shift to GNU/Linux.

People should be little bit more realistic in their appreciation of a company and not just do it b'coz its very rich. For instance It did take AMD long time to come to competition with Intel but finally it is doing good in the market. Many ppl won't have expected any competition to Intel some time ago but now they buy AMD because of its proven quality, Same may happen in OS market or software market too.

I wouldn't like to spend any further time on such a post, just that it was required under the circumstances.



  1. Dude...
    Chill man, If M$ is rich thats because the world is fool to support them still and keep buying their buggy things and also the vendors who make things that work on M$ OS only.
    I wish everyone just thought the way we think but that aint gonna happen.

    But I think its overall good for the industry that FSF and OSF are keeping M$ on its toes and at least they are up to the competition (maybe by copying the ideas).

    take care

  2. Vardhman, you're funny. You remind me of me, before I chilled out a bit.

    Your facts are in error though, Microsoft did indeed create excel --in 1984. They didn't copy windows 95 from Apple. They copied much of the design from NEXT, which Apple bought a couple of years later, but there's no shared code.
    While it's true that Microsoft bought powerpoint, google has bought Blogger, Keyhole, Picasa and and several other companies to merge their products into theirs.

    However, what you're missing in your irritation is that Microsoft always does an 80% job. Their interfaces aren't beautiful, their code isn't clean, and their ideas are a bit stale.

    Also, Google isn't the white knight that you hope it is. It's a large company who has cuddly public face, but they're *this* close to becoming evil. I wouldn't be surprised to visit your blog in five years and seeing you rant about how google sucks.

  3. Hi Vardhman,

    This is nothing but just crap, crap and crap. That slashdot you are talking about is nothing but a dummy website just like any other porn website, where like minded people flock together to discuss all junk. To be more precise, Slash dot was the site on which the shock sites like goatse first appeared. Now, that is the kind of webpage you are referencing to. And 90% of guys on slashdot have no other job other than bashing windows.

    For your information, whatever any company does can be branded as copying because the likes always exist in research :). For example, you can term Google search as an idea copied from Ask-Jeeves (may be the tech is not but the idea is). The same goes with the comparison of Monad and any other shell. So, put in some brain before you write, write and write about things which you think are correct.

    No company would like to start from scratch when they have the oppurtunity to get that extra edge by buying out a software. Google does that, Yahoo does that and Microsoft also does that. This is a common business phenomenon (which even Pfizer follows [pharma industry]). So, don't use this example of buying up companies as something which shows that a company does not the mettle to do it. The only place where everything starts from scratch is Open source/free source, where if chance is given ppl would start living in jungles and then rebuild the whole civilization again and again.

    Apple and Microsoft case can be looked up at many valid sites [not slashdot] and then you can make the proper conclusion about it. Apple's case did not stand against Microsoft and even Xerox complained against Apple of copying its mouse design.

    In this software industry if you see the trend, everyone tries to monopolize. Google is trying to do that now... see its products... what is it essentially trying to do? trying to monopolize the net.... which is much worse than Microsoft's supposed monopoly. It tells everyone that it uses Linux etc etc did you happen to visit their facilities and validate the point. They might need it because they want to deal with the internal details of the operating system. That is their choice, how does that make them supporters of open source movement. Do you have all of google's engineers writing code on a regular basis for open source groups and releasing software like Redhat/SCO/etc does.

    Just think before you write.

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    I understand you are a M$ supporter and cudn't possibly hear anything against it, also you cannot possibly provide me a link to ur blog or ur identity to take back my comments. I however choose to show your comment and not delete it, I consider freedom to write is a must. I sometimes tried commenting on MSDN bloggers' blog but that crappy msn spaces or whatever requires Passport (whatever crap it means).

    Now that I am not too much in to bashing M$, I would possibly not write much to defy your charges but then wud ask you to know little facts before flaming Google. Google does contribute a lot to OSS. If you don't know do search for Google Summer of Code. All I need is the freedom from one company monopoly and If Google jumps in to it will be hated too, but then its not time to think about it and be sympathetic towards M$.

    Basically I will write what I want to write, you are free to ignore it ;-) Learn the funda of freedom, and free yourself from hands of Monopoly.