Friday, May 20, 2005

BSNL Sim application :(

Today me and Sachin took Sesh's bike(Bajaj Pulsar, I don't want to go in much detailed review but I liked the bike too much for its stability at high speeds) to go to BSNL costumer care office at Chandanagar.

The lady sitting there told us to get something for our Address proof, and we confirmed passport will do everything. So we came back and took our passports. After applying and payment when we were expecting sim cards we were told that they will call us on phone and inform us. Also that they only call on BSNL landlines so sachin Mobile number cudn't be used. Finally she suggested we call and ask them if our number has come.

Now we were expecting around 1 Weeks time etc for the whole thing to happen so I just enquired how many days will it prob take, and she said around 2 months :( and we can enquire our status after around 1 month.

So For that much time I couldn't wait and had to buy the next option TATA Idea. I hope to test this service well before I get BSNL and if I like it much I will probably sell BSNL card to someone.

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