Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Didi's Marriage

The summer vacations this time were not usual once, when I go home spent some time with family and come back within 1 week or so. This time vacations had the important occasion of My only Sisters' wedding.

Photos From Didis' Marriage

I was already excited with the fact that Didi finally got a IT/CS guy which she always wanted. Jijaji has also impressed me already with his caring attitude by sending me a e-greeting on my B'day. I imagined that there would exist lot of work at home and would be a great experience. It indeed was. One of all the best thing was that I was seeing so many relatives coming to our home, that almost never happened earlier As far as I remember.

Photos From Didis' Marriage

I reached home on 28th morning. on 3rd morning Pradeep chacha and cachi, tanu, Dadiji and father's Buaji came. In the evening Dharmendra chacha's family and my badi Bua came. Narendra chacha's family came on 5th evening.

Tanu and Diksha (dancing).
Didis Wedding

Rishabh, Chotu, Betu, Dikhsha and Tanu
Didis Wedding

Vikas bhaiya, bhabhi, Phufaji, Rani Didi and Jijaji came on 7th afternoon. Hemlata Bua and family also came on the same day. Askhok mama and mamaji came on 8th morning. Mamaji, Mamies and Naniji from Jhanshi came on 8th morning.

From Left to right, Vikas Bhaiya, Rajul Didi, Babhi, and Me! (Sagai Ke din)
Photos From Didis' Marriage

It was a big gathering after long time and all the things happened too fast to give me time to blog in my personal diary itself. The wedding happened very well too though some mishap and rush hours did appear.
And something which I didn't think of much but which was discussed a lot was that next is my number, I did try explaining my relatives that it will take atleast 3-4 years, but they say(may be unseriously) it should be sooner.

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