Thursday, May 19, 2005

Watched "The Terminal" Movie

My rating 10/10. Its an excellent movie. I don't remember any very impressive dialogue to quote, but yes this conversation between the actress and the Airport Chief was good:
Chief: A girl like you can get any man to ..., then why do you choose Kevin Loopasky(or whatever his name was)
Girl: That a guy like you can never understand.

the overall story is great, acting by all the actors is also superb. I also liked the reference to history or Napolean.(Reminds me of my one time great interest in exploring history, I hope to fulfill it sometime)

While watching the movie at once I was reminded of the book the Alchemist which has a message of persistent trying and working for your goal which this movie also probably conveys. Also that one particular sentence of The Alchemist comes to my mind, which is vaguely: when you are working hard for something all the things in the universe help you in getting it.

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