Thursday, May 19, 2005

Comparing and Deciding the Mobile Service/Vendor for new connection

ME and Sachin are getting new cell and cell numbers so we were looking around for the tariffs/facilties etc offered by various providers. I think the search is finally over and BSNL is over choice or say experiment for sometime.

Strange thing was that Googling on these queries didn't provide us sufficient results. So here I wish to provide a little Comparision of IDEA, BSNL, etc. offerings. (bolded for google bot ;-) )

Some points we learned. Note this data/rates etc are as of today and as we learn from various sources, I take no responsibility for their updates or correctness.

1) IDEAs rates for STD (2.65 Rs/Min) were almost same as BSNL and some schemes like ALL India STD (2.00 Rs/Min), or Night Time STD (.99 Rs/Min for calling from 11 PM to 8 AM) are good but the recharge value is very less ( 134.5 for 331 Rs card which we calculated gave us some 45 minutes of STD talking). The bigger problem is that if we choose for some scheme we have to pay around 30-45/- Per month for that services which further decreases the card value to around 100 or lesser.
2) Aitel was reject initially itself as the STD charges to landline were around 5 Rs/Min
3) BSNL was always the first preferences for all reasons except the report of Poor Quality of Service, I believe BSNL is not very good as far as signal strength in our Hostel and moreover inside rooms is considered. But All other things are great
Local talking is .9 and 1 Rs/Min from Cell to Cell and Cell to L/L compared to 1.75 in IDEA
STD talking is 2.40 Rs/Min
331 Rs Card gives talktime of 175 Rs which gives us around 73 Minutes of STD talking.
The validity with card of equal denomination is much more (e.g 1000 Rs is 120 days compared to 60 days in IDEA)
Almost all Values added services are there with BSNL connection as against IDEA which has only MMS.
4) We didn't consider TATA indicom schemes with their own Mobile as our mobile handsets are not covered by their schemes, the schemes are however quite impressive at a brief look.
5) Reliance was not considered.
6) Hutch was also not considered as much previous experience of Hutch was not good. Particularly their 1 months 2 months schemes are sometimes great trap to their network.

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