Sunday, April 24, 2005

Its Funny

I am a big fan of Alizee(Infact I am trying hand at learning French too). So I was searching for her wallpapers/pics I found this one, which seems funny to me.

My Inspiration to learn French!

The reason is that the meaning of the word written on the shirt is ..... [updated: thanks to Ali for the comment] Delicacies, what a pun. [source of meaning is google language tools->french to english.]

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  1. hey vardhu,
    first of all, a very Happy (belated) B'Day. Was busy with projects last few weeks .... so completely forgot abt this. :stupid me:

    well abt this Alisee (who is she ?)... when did u met her or planning to ? :lol:
    and the text written is "Gourmandises" which doesnt mean "Delicious", rather its "delicacies" {courtesy: Google language tools}
    but the actual meaning is "esteem or uncontrolled enjoyment of good food and drinks (such as wines)" {guess i know a lil french too ... ;) }