Sunday, April 03, 2005

trying some big changes in myself

When I got those testimonial in Farewell book(yearbook)[mostly saying techy etc], I recalled back the time when some one asked me What are ur hobbies? Before I could start saying slashdot, newsgroup etc stuff, this fellow put a important filter He said what other than computers interests you? I felt embarrased for I was not able to find much in that category, I had not given any heed to my non tech hobbies since long.

Mostly it has been due to my addiction to Linux, Open Source etc, but I have still not analysed the reason for the change completely and hope to do so over time.

Anyways I have decided to try other non techie things, I have promised myself to not go ahead with any more science fictions, my movie interests have changed since long I only enjoy comedy and Romantic movie nowadays, though some awesome graphics movie are ofcourse never missed. Slashdot visit frequency has been brought down to around 1 or max 2 in a day. I am willing to read more stuff on ppl's blog about life, Nature, philosophy etc. That should make a perfect time pass I feel. I also being trying all those computer games but have normally sucked in them.

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