Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara...

Two three days back I happen to see this Jana Gana Man by A.K.Rahmaan video in Ramneek's room, I remembered the great old Mile sur Mera Tumhara which was one of my favourite of such patriotic songs shown on DD1.

In fact, In first year I wanted to suggest this song being done by my batchmates during the freshers, but I knew most ppl would discard the idea on its face so I hesistated to speak. To my surprize some fellows at MIT have done really what I was willing to do. These people have made a remake of the original song with all ppl in the video being replaced by America Based Indians. I was just searching for downloading this sound and got these people's webpage. Follow the links http://www.mit.edu/~kapoor/mile_sur_small.wmvLink http://web.mit.edu/anoop/www/msur/milesur50.mpg

for downloading the video. Its a really great peice of work.

This reminds me of my earlier observation of seeing the movie American Desi, People in America are more inspired by Indian culture, heritages etc compared to ppl inside. In the movie too they show how passionate some Indian youths were about Indian Dances like Garba, Bhangada etc and see here in none of the college fests I have ever heard of anything Indian. (We did try Dandia in our Culfest once and it was a great experience except that people didn't know how to dance and no-one was ready to listen, we cud never form a single big circle with all people, the way dandia was supposed to be done, instead people stood in pairs or triplets or at max group of 6-7). All the people somehow enjoy those DJs which doesn't look anything great to me.

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