Monday, April 11, 2005

The Little Hut Party

I thank all the people present for making the party a memorable event. Thanks to Amal, Majji, tintin and Akhil for active help in organization. Thanks to Jenny and Bapu for photographs, Ravichandra for camera and car services :) bole for his bike. Underscore and Deepika for support behind the scenes.

I hope we will have more memorable batch reunions ahead.

DC==Dumb Charades.
Group Photo (Girls and Jenny missing :( )

Akhil Ki Bari (Dumb Cherades)..

Vindhya Indicating something (Dumb Charades)..

Everyone is busy (Dumb Cherades)..

Ramneek trying Dumb Cherades...

Thanks to Organizers...

Tintin Revealing some secrets

Bothra (DC)

Swati at DC (missed this, came late)

Rocky did everything but we cudn't guess

Please take our snap..:)


  1. and thanks to the sponsors, specially you for sponsoring the was a really nice party...will be special coz of being probably the 'last' big party as gdit2k1

  2. Thanks pradeep( very unusual ;)), but I do confess about the mismanagement done by me, which if avoided could have let to a bigger turnout.

    I am sure we will organize batch reunions soon. Yaar party to kabhi-bhi welcome hey!

  3. did i miss something???

  4. sry yaar. As I said the party was most mismanaged party till now. I really confess not having so many friends because of lack of preplanning.