Tuesday, April 05, 2005

the best nightout till date...

After getting f'ed up in our BS test, we started working over our BS project which we have to finish by 11 Mornign(Chandu, Nimmi and Arjun are leaving on 12). Did some great amount of BC in cvit 1 for 2 hrs or so. Then stared working, got Windows Installed on Pelu's PC, so we can work for 2-3 days without interruption. Installation etc were proceeding, so I went back to my room to comfort myself (My stomach has been in trouble since morning)/

When I was coming back after collecting some h/w from Sambabu, Nir was on his back to room. Than I saw Sandeep and Dixit on the bike. After some BC we were got 3 bikes ready at OBH and six of us, Sandeep, Amal, Dixit, Vidit, Rokcy and me(Vardhman its helps in indexing ;-)). we on our way to SOME PLACE to eat. We went to the petrol pump first, It was on our way to Ohri's It was probably the first time I was going thru that Road at least on a 2 seater. The Road is good so the speeds were great, I and Rokcy were on Boles' bike, Sandeep and Dixit on Graptor(Sanyam) and Amal and Bansi on Pulsar(AU's). Our bike must have been the slowest but even it was moving at around 60-70 KMPH on average.


It was around 2 AM. We were at Ohris' Ordered some Bulls Eye and some Coffees as nothing else was available. We left at around 3AM, towards Dugam Cheeru. In the way of which we spent some time on an omlet and Tea shop. Spent some great amount of time sitting there. Vidit had to go to hostel and come back due to some reasons Dixit accompanied him. We 4 meanwhile walked on that round discussing various things. All those similar questions of what to do in life etc.



Then we moved ahead to Durgam Cheeru. It was a nice place to be in, the Water reflecting the lights and the cool temperature also no mosquitos. Some fellows came in tractor and asked us to move as some kinda blast was gonna happen. So we moved from there decided to go to some park kinda near M$ premises near ISB. Me and Chandu were on Pulsar which he allowed me to drive we reached a lot ahead just to realize that the other 4 were nowhere near us, we started to go back to see that these ppl Amal and Dixit were learning how to drive a bike on the way ;-)
It was already around 5AM. We came back to our the small breakfast shop in front of IIIT to eat puri's but we were told it will take around 1 more hr, so we came back to hostel to return the bikes and then played CS for 1hr in lab and decided to avoid those Puris' and go back to sleep.

Most of us aggree about this being one of the best nightouts in IIIT.


  1. why did the font color change to blue?

    that was a pretty expensive night out...I like night outs where total expenditure dosent cross 100bucks

  2. Emphasising the content related to title. This was must first nightout with a great expenditure, but guess what Amal Paid most of it.

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    Sandeep's blog about same. A Bit more detailed one!