Monday, April 04, 2005

Socha Na Tha

Rating 9/10. Excellent movie, it made much more sense to me as I have been facing a similar situation as the hero in the film faced, and I was also too confused with the options I had. I feel better seeing that others also face such situations in life. (The movie may be hypothetical in story but what they show looks quite possible).

The Hero was so much confused with which girl to marry, one was his GF (very pretty one) from last 3 years whom he felt like he loved and other was this another heroine whom he met first time when he went to her house for kinda arrange marriage. The hero gets confussed only after meeting this second girl 2-3 and spending some time with her on a Goa Trip. He causes great troubles in all the 3 families, but finally he takes a correct decision(probably ;)) at least the one that his heart agrees too. It reminds me of what Bapu and Manoj were saying one day,
Manoj:you are so much against Billi that whatever he does he cannot rise in ur opinion.
Bapu: you should never get too obsessed with anything in ur life, (kabhi bhi life mein kisi cheej, ya kisi pe (including girl) itna junoon nahin aana chaiye ke you cannot see other options).
I admitted bapu's remark and decided to be more open in my perspective towards/against M$ and all. I would put the same thing as "you should always be open to new options even when you are mad about current ones, you never know how fruitful and great the new options can prove to be, before you evaluate them".

Its a real good movie a much see.

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