Saturday, April 02, 2005


Went out with Gupta in the evening to Indranagar. We ate panipuri, samosa and then drank Ganne ka Ras. We discussed lots of ideas of what we plan to do. Gupta is also thinking of betting on some business. I feel many others have similar thoughts, we are quite sure we won't be interested in some shitty work like making HTML pages or documentation of something not coded by us, this forces us see how we can use our knowledge in IT more efficiently.

When it comes to entreprenureship( I am even sure of its spelling), we aren't sure. Ofcourse not all ppl in the world who open companies make success. Also opening a company is much different than opening a shop, you need to have some focus and beat others in the field to get success, which may not be very simple. My idea has been working on our own projects in part time. This way we can try out some things and when we are sure to go ahead we shall be able to do so. The risk is quite less here, because losing put us on same place where we are now, while winning has great probability too.

The other day we(Me, Jagga and Pelu) were discussing problem with opening a vision company, Pelu pointed out how difficult it will be to compete to Giants like Sarnoff who have the excellence in concepts as well as infrastructure to research. I have still not given much thought on these issues.

After coming back Me, raheja, PB and Dixit were just doing BC but following important things came up.
Raheja: We don't realize the importance of things we get easily.
PB: The value of things are most realized when they are lost.
(Don't remember if some other thing was missed).

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