Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Million Dollar Baby

Was interested in watching some movie, so I decided to write to ramneek if he has any good movie in his mind and pc. We had lots of options we finally decided Million Dollar Baby.

The movie was long and I didn't feel anything new in it most movies say about never loosing etc stuff. but yes the conclusion was good. I also liked this dialogue by a boxing newbie at the end of movie, when he comes back and join boxing. Anyone can loose one fight.

Ramneek as usual( I have seen 2.3 movies in his room) slept before the movie finished.

Got this Idea after hearing those bad(old ppl's) voices in american accent: Why don't have a way of reading the scripts when the movie is playing. some tools like Festival or other TTS should be changeable to work this way. What we can achieve is having ppl speak in our local accent or atleast clear voice.

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