Thursday, April 14, 2005

13 April 2005

I am 21 now, Don't know any about any great benefit/loss in being 21 old. Haan I am eligible for marriage by Indian laws but that hardly helps( I have no such plans for atleast 4-5 years) Well if you know sthg better about being 21 years old please let me know. (Well last year it was Loosing teenage)

The great thing I realized is there are 2 ppl in IIIT, who will say same to you when said Happy B'day by me they are kartika and shiben. All three were born on same day same year!
Thanks to all the well wishers.

The delicious cake.
My B'day Celebrations

Break between bumps
My B'day Celebrations Break between bumps!

Thanks for being there! Can't imagine next B'day, will miss u a lot :(
My B'day Celebrations Thanks for being there!

Somethings are essential to make things memorable. Bumps are just one of them.
My B'day Celebrations Recieving bumps!

Cake on my face!
My B'day Celebrations Cake on my face

After washing my face, gupta brought the camera
My B'day in 2005

My B'day in 2005

My B'day in 2005

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  1. Good wishes to all u 3.

    Dont u worry google, we will always keep googling wherever we r and will always send u our greetings !