Saturday, April 23, 2005

Finally a Digital Camera

Papa bought a DigiCam from Delhi I have not yet seen it but I have browsed the net for its specs. They are all pretty good except for the Memory of 32 MB. [Update: I forgot to mention the model its Kodac DX7590]

The camera offers a 5MP resolution photographs but the modes for shooting shown in the specs say the max resolution and 2576x1932 and min resolution to be 1552x1164 which looks foolish to me, why can't they allow lower resolution of 1200x1024 also, so that photos can be seen easily in a comp ? On the other hand the Video resolution is max of 640x480, which looks terribly low.

The zoom is 10X optical and 3X digital which looks ok. ( I can't compare it with anything as of now).

I am looking for the memory options, its looks like a 64 MB MMC/SD card is 20$; 128 is 40$ ; 512 is 80$ and 1 GB is 130$, so the price is almost direcly proportional to size which is quite strange compared with the IDE hard disk prices I knew( increasing memory from 40 to 80 GB meant an cost change of 60$ to 70$ , that two one year ago). I wonder if the USB slot for camera will allow me attach that USB hard drive which will give around 120 GB for just 150$, well the only reason for buying that much memory will be that it will be usable with PC too.

I don't know if this camera is an overpriced one, its cost is 25000/-.

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