Wednesday, July 27, 2005

DIP TAship

I have taken up DIP TAship for this sem. There won't be any tutorials as sir told me, I will basically be checking assignments, scrips and clarifying doubts.
Now since there are many surprize takers of this course, I should clarify somethings unofficially. I must say this course is not a very advanced course and very high level of mathematics background is not required in it. The content is mostly logical and easy to understand and also fun to implement.

Now as usual when I get a TA ship I want to make sure that my bad experiences for the course are not repeated for the students. This of course stands for only those who are genuinely interested in learning something from the course rather than just getting 4 cheap credits. But the course as it was done for us didn't give us much of excitement to explore anything.

The reasons for that might include our nonchalant behaviour but the main reason I feel was the bad teaching by the then Prof. DIP is somethings that could be made very interesting by showing some good effects created using various techniques and made vary boring by just showing some slides with loads of text describing the algorithm of those things, and almost everything follows logically if the concepts are clear, which was fortunately not the case with us. The surprizing part is that we never got the excitement to code any good technique, we only did the very little which would allow us to have working code in Matlab, mostly using heavy matlab functions and learning nothing about the implementation of them.

The problem arose because of unclarity of the assignments. We never knew what we were supposed to learn from the exercise the result of using some algo? or the basics of the algo? Since doing the first was like testing some small code in matlab, we ended up doing that most of the time. So it's a must for the student to get it clear what is the objective of the assignment, otherwise doing it may lend u nowhere.
If you hesitate asking the prof ask the TA, if you hesitate in that too, Then you are probably doing bad to youself.

If someone takes this course for getting in to Adobe as one of my friend guesses, I must warn that improper knowledge is more dangerous than innocence in the topic. So either do the course properly or skip it. Further I normally dislike cheating and malpractices. I don't like ppl getting more than what they deserve 'coz it spoils their habbit and the spirit of other hardworking ppl.

ooking forward for some great learning and teaching experience. Any comments(even anons) should be welcome.


  1. Congrats sir jee... eh.. i am your student :)

  2. hi dude...dont terrify students.. I am already infamous for being DIP TA [;)] ... just kidding..congrats and good luck with the new prof..