Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Shitty Service(s) by Idea Cellular

I have been using idea for around 40 days now. As expected I should give some feedback/warning to them and their prospective customers. I should start from the beginning.

Getting the Sim card was a breeze just submitting a photocopy of passport and it was done. I got 7 days validity with 99/- card, and 19/- Rs talktime.

Rates were not given much heed as I wanted a temporary connection till my BSNL sim application was taken care off, but they need a mention as a kind of feedback 2.75/- PM for any outside AP call. 1.75/- for local non Idea phone/landlines. I soon realized I had to apply some scheme to make STD cheaper for me and I opted for Diet STD topup. Rs 2 PM on any outside AP call.

I was feeling great when I was just able to get a good scheme of 1200/- Rs recharge with (almost) full talktime and 6 months validity before I went for a vacation to attend a marriage in Banda (M.P)
I didn't get sufficient time to enquire their Roaming, charges so I stayed away from making much use of phone for outgoing calls in my Journey( It included Maharastra on the way with Airtel as the vendor) What seemed funny was that when I landed down at Nagpur to take a bus to Jabalpur, I saw two bill boards one of them from Airtel thanking customers for making them biggest Cell providers in Mah and another from IDEA again thanking customers for the same thing but with a bar graph ??.

So I reached my home in the night and called up customer care to know what were the charges etc. In MP I got Idea network, so I expected 12345 to be dialed for the customer care and dialed it. They had a huge sequence of menu operation and I had to press around 5/6 digits(options) before I could speak to a customer care executive(CC), which happened at around 5 minutes after the call. I just asked the CC as to what I have to dial to know my balance (it was 2121 in AP but that was not working there), the fellow told he will give me the number, when I asked him if there was no toll free, short number to do so, he informed me nothing was toll free on roaming, even the call I made to him is charged, It was already more than 6 minutes before I came to know this and Damn it costed me 28/- to call customer care. Coudn't they simply send me an SMS about there tarrifs and billing etc info when I go to some other network? They do send a lot of spam SMS(regarding some offers) at least.
Now when I came back from the vacations I realized I had spent around 130/- bucks in making/recieving some 5,6 1-5 minutes calls.

Soon I realized making local calls was getting tougher, so I thought of taking a "Topup" for local calling, I enquired the procedure, and based on that I sent a SMS to 4444 with mesg MOBILE, to my wonders no action was taken till next day, I again enquired CC told me that I can't opt that Topup as I already have Diet STD topup. Next day I again enquired if there was some other way to get my local calls cheaper I was told I can apply for Mobile topup, and I just have to pay separate 45/- rental for each of the topups, so I applied and this time I got the confirmation: you can now make local calls at 49p/m. I was glad, but that was not for long and I realized the mesg meant nothing when I called local phone next evening and was charged at 1.75/- Rs/M. Of course frustated I called CC again and this time the guy there didn't admit there systems fault and said I didn't send any SMS and made me send the SMS again. What the heck? Next day again, no action was taken so I called CC again and this fellow tells me he will make a request from his Comp and it will be activated by 12 AM.
Soon I got a call that they will be waiving my Diet STD for enabling this Mobile topup and now that I had made the request already the system will decide what to do. Meaning If I don't want to lose my Diet STD Topup and just stay out of this new one, they can't really do anything. It was for system to decide. It might subscribe me to Mobile or might leave things as such. Shit are computers given so much control by Foolish programmers?
Today I was finally informed that they have now enabled Mobile topup on this number and have cut 45/- Rental for both the topups? Shit! These ppl r really insane.


  1. poor guy !!!!!
    bechara vardhman tu fans gaya na adke jal main ;
    Try to get hutch connection who charges only 49 p for local call within ap. nad Std its little bit high like 2.45or 2.66 i don't remeber .
    Some time u have to learna lesson in hard way.
    Ithappens with me also when I got connection of Tata indicom , It really screwed me . bcoz I was getting call from My home. It really sucks when u don't have option except calling again n again to those sick CC people. They just have one answer for every problem that"Ur problem will be rectified within 24 hrs" , And you know even after 5-6 month problem was there.
    Lastlly I find one BKARA in gupta and sell the mobile in loss of 500 bucks.
    Now I find one offer from Reliance that gives in 770/- free stdto reliance phone. I finally yesterday bought that relinace wireless phone wich is working fine as it promise.
    chal bye bahut roya na :(

  2. I was not getting call frm my home

  3. its ok ur latest post only u wrote..'we shud learn from mistakes' ;)))...

    wt a gr8 learning..

    howz life btw