Thursday, July 21, 2005

More on M$ front

I have heard that whatever you through in air, comes back around. Its probably from Noam Chomsky (My friend Ramneek reads his book and he told me). The same seems to be happening with Microsoft now.

Firstly there is this news of Google hiring another top M$ exec and M$ suing Google for that. Its a funny behaviour potrayed by M$, which itself has the tradition of hiring great minds from the competitors. Read this
Insightful comment on slashdot.

They do it not only to Industry but even to Academic institutes, wooing Professors to work for their research centers around the world leaving the universities.

Second, today this interview from M$ Linux Strategist has come up on slashdot which demonstrates how poor their knowledge of Linux and OSS is.

Finally this news and graph makes us Linux Lovers happier. Linux Trounces Windows Mobile in Smartphone Shipments

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