Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The week that was

I can realize that time's pace already seems to get higher. Last week went without any progress, basically stuck with some implementation detail in a paper and debugging the code. Only to realize that the code was right but there was some problem in the understanding. That leaves the algo unimplemented for some time. Sir asked me implement the better and more reliable paper.

Had two parties at the weekend. One was Maliha's Birthday treat and her new house's inaugration(?) ceremony, had great time going to her house near Mehdipatnam trippling on Bapu's bike, (Me, Sachin and Bothra). There we waited for around 1/2 hr for the gifts to be brought in by Dixit and Rocky. Patke and AC joined us waiting too. Then we had some BC for around 2 hrs sitting on the roof of the house.

Next day Bothra took us to the Country Inn(?not sure?), Its a good hotel and the buffet was really nice. Photos should be hosted soon if only my flickr uploader gets updated with the new APIs.

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