Monday, July 11, 2005

Telnet access Motorola A768i phone from Kernel 2.6

I had almost given up connecting my phone by USB on Linux (I was told and I tested it not working on my FC2/3 machines)until yesterday when I landed up at this post by simon. Where he describs a patch in kernel 2.6.12-rc4 that enables usbnet to work properly in Linux without need of any extra usblan drivers at was required in kernel 2.4

I Got the kernel from and installed it. Just checked that everything relating to hotplug and usb was selected in kernel config. If you think compiling is a big problem it's not, you need just these commands and some time:
tar -cvjf kernel-
cd kernel-
make menuconfig #(if you really wanna enable/disable default config of kernel).
make install
And your grub file will now contain your new kernel entry,

After booting in to new kernel, I just plugged in my phone, usb connection mesg was shown on the console. lsusb showed me the phone identified. This much was working even with 2.6.9 kernel, what mattered was that the usb0 interface was not getting created. Which happened without any problem in new kernel. I just checked "ifconfig usb0" and it showed the device. I don't know if the command echo "AT+MODE=99'>/dev/ttyAMC0 was needed on my phone as suggested in simon's post.

Then started the fun part. To assign an ip to usb0 I gave command ifconfig usb0
and then set usbnet option in setup of my phone to on. It accepted IP address
I did telnet and was able to login as root without any password. Did lot of exploration on the phone seeing all the directories. important files etc. Its real cool stuff to play around and see same Linux powering ur box running on such small hardware.

Some good stuff to play around.
1) As with all(mostly) devices this phone provides you only windows .exe to do things like syncing, updating etc. But if you really hate to boot to that OS you can do without it. The phone probably uses(read point 3 below too) samba for enabling write from windows, so from your linux box just smbmount your phone no password required, just press enter when prompted e.g

smbmount // /mnt/tmp -o username=ezx ;# understood by reading samba config file ;-)
To get to your custom files and folder as shown by the filemanager app.
smbmount // /mnt/tmp -o username=ezx
To get to the / you have to give this command. I must warn you to be carefull with writing files etc.
now you can simply play with /mnt/tmp/ as you like to and as the file/dir permissions allow you to do.

2) Run Nmap to see what the device is offering, its os fingerprint, its uptime etc.
nmap -o


3) I could see ftp in above command's output, as expected next command was ftp
by after getting "connected to", I was told device closed the connection. I didn't try much further. This could also be one possible way of file tranfer by syncing software.

4) Linux hackers love this /proc so I investigated it for a while, to see details of my device.
cat /proc/meminfo
cat /proc/cpuinfo
To realize it was running on Intel XScale. and kernel is 2.4. something

cat /proc/filesystems
To realize that it supports nfs and ext3

5) cd /dev/ ; ls

shows lots of devices I wonder what they are used for.

6) The phone seems to start as normal linux device and autologin to user ezx and startup is mostly what is given in this user's .bash_profile

here is
ls /bin

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