Saturday, September 11, 2004

Celebrations of Anubhav's B'day

--Met Prof PJN after long time, I have still not choosen area of MS thesis. Present work continues to be seaching for ways of making mobile phone more usefull, using CV and IP methods.

--We did finish some work on Systems thinking's Mid sem, I mean the presentation of the National Problem "POVERTY".

--In the evening we went for dinner outside as we were going to have celebration for Anu's B'day in the night. The Cake read "Happy 9/11 to R. anubhav", Details not be disclosed. Photo I will try to upload soon. The dinner was at 4 Seasons after we got much delayed in the book photocopy bussiness and could not think of going to Angethi(??). The food was good. The bill was enormously huge, came to some 160/- Per Head.
We finished it by 11:30 or so and then came out, searching for autos, seven seaters, Finally got one Auto but couldn't reach on time, we reached the hostel by 00:10 AM.

-- The celebrations went well, obviously we cud not have beaten him more. His photo would be posted here too.

-- ANOTHER SHOCK today Exam of PM is scheduled on Tuesday. I am already lagging behind in LA and PR, and new things are coming not allowing me to do anything. Anyways I will watch a movie now.

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