Sunday, September 19, 2004

Celebrations on 'Vinayaka Chaturthi'

Let me know if the spelling of the festival is wrong. I actually woke up late due as I slept very late, watching some videos. I was not willing to get ready for the Puja so I did not wake up at time.

Chandana and me were discussing PR assignment in my room when Dixit brought us the prasad. The day went on cool with almost no work till 3PM when I went to CVIT. At 4:30 me and Jagan went to Indranagar for Samosas as Jagan denied bringing them for me. We brought them for Anu, Tarun and Sashi. Just one day after mail from PJN sir regarding working in CVIT lab, I have taken pictures of some one eating and watching movie in the CVIT :)

In the evening we had Kabaddi game. It was a nice game overall, though some confussions did occur and some dicisions looked harsh to either teams. Finally Vayu won the close match by 4 points 21-17, IIRC.
Good show of game by my teammates Gopal, Mehta, Siddhart, Valecha, Shantalu and Kesav, offcourse I played the best, kidding. The second match ended up in bad way with both the teams literally fighting with each other.

In the night we watched the movie "Mujshe Shadi Karogi", courtsey our new cultural council, specially PP and Tarun Nayak. The movie was overall a good one.

Forgot to write about this wonderfull concept of Random Numbers' unrandomness which I came to know from Numerical recipies.

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