Tuesday, September 07, 2004

thinking about Linux Challenge from IBM & LUG's New Focus

Visesh, Me, Majji and Vamsee(Oh!!! Didnot notice before that we all have names starting with V) are thinking about the IBM linux Challenge, if not this year lets get started for getting something by next year. We have been assured of help from Mr. Atul Negi of Hyderabad Central University. Our basic interest is to atleast learn some of the best parts of the Masterpeice (Linux) developed by the greatest hackers around the world.

Our LUG which is soon going to handed over to our Juniors will soon have a new direction. we have already been of quite greate help to programmers (At least I feel so.), we now want to include the idea of knowledge gaining and sharing over Kernel Internals and Deeper Implementation Issues.

What do we gain out of It??? Well we are just students and presently our Aim is to learn, the benefits will come out when we have learnt properly. We can directly see money over doing silly projects (sometimes internships too), in various places, but at the end we have only some money and nothing else. Lets have a broad view and then we can always apply our intelligence to narrow implemenation issues, is what I feel. I have personally earned quite some money in my 3 years of college education, but I really feel, If I would have done something more towards learning(than earning) it would have been better.

One new suggestion given by Sunil Mohan Ranta is to get started with trimming down a linux Distro, to make it good enuf for low end hardware(basically customizing it our needs), present in some of the places in our Campus. I really think this is a great Idea, it might be of help to outsiders too.

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  1. Hey, we all do have names starting with V. Coincidence? Luck? Well, if it's luck, we'll be needing a lot of it to win the IBM Linux Challenge.