Friday, September 17, 2004

Networks 2nd Tutorial

Finally I decided to take 3 slots, It looked better and more manageable. The topic was "Network Setups in General", with specific reference to to IIIT.

Delved in to some details of local addressing, security, proxy, DNS etc etc. I did not get much immediate feedback but most ppl seemed to understand most of it :). Some ppl were off-course sleeping, Even I sleep sometimes in the class so I could imagine their situation. Attendence as far as I believe should not be compulsary at all, ppl shud come only if they are interested, if they are not even I shouldn't bother much.

Any feedback is most welcome.
(I shifted to blogger only for providing me this comments stuff :) )

Rest is going ok. PR assignment is to be started tomorrow. Have some basic idea and also the matrix library ready, will again bug our tutor ranjith for details.

This weekend should be cool with saturday being free.


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  1. Sysadmins have disabled the variable for sending local IP addresses outside, so your Ip addresses won't show up on ANY SITE.

  2. Hi Vardhman,

    Your class today was a bit engaging and I should say I got hold of something so that I don;t feel reading alien stuff the next time I look at the T.B

    Btw, the text has many things that are not covered in the classes so , though I agree completely on attendance not made compulsory, it helps in the long run if we attend. I am sad that I could not listen to your answer on Primary DNS which I asked and left before listening to your answer. Shall see that i attend the whole class from next time. expecting more classes with more interesting topics..,

    cheers ,

  3. Still seems like our IPs are not very private. Basically I would say if we use softwares which understand the importance of the ips being hidden etc we will be at benefit. If you come to know some softwares which are not providing good protection to our IPs , please let me/us know.