Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Took first class of Computers Networks

Tonight I took the first class of Computer Networks, the topics covered were Multiple Access Protocols and general doubt clarification. The classes seem to have gone ok. First the class was for UG3 and then for PG2.

I realize that the smaller class size helps. The second batch was lot more attentive and I could easily interact with more people.

I would be looking for some feedback on the class. If you were present in the class you can just give feedback, even anonymous ones will be most welcome.

This class clashed with the checking of the Middleware assignment. Which anyway students haven't done. :)


  1. ur voice is not clear nd also bit fast. As u said u should better to take small gathering instead of whole class.

  2. it wud be more interesting if u taught some network programming... theory can be read from the book :)

  3. You speak too fast.I am sure other people have said the same to you as well.And if it is the finer details of a subsequent class' material that you are teaching(which was hardly mentioned actually in the next class by rawat), then there should be extensive explanation.Only after explaining each point of the topic and ensuring most have understood should you continue with the next point.

    And the blog is a good idea btw.