Friday, September 10, 2004

Thinks Getting Tougher this semester.

--SHOCK OF THE DAY. We will have mid terms in Project Management.

- Got back some feedback from Computer Networks students. Basic suggestion is to have a lower strenght, slow pace and more praticle approach. This might be just good enuf for next class, anyway I will give them some lecture about the importance of Feedback now, after hearing that the first class was bouncing

-- Checked middleware assignment. Only some PG fellows did the most important part of making codebase work. That was the most important functionality that might take some time to be implemented, everything else is as it is available on the Sun's Site.
A good link for Codebase is
-- Tomorrow(??) we need to finish our System thinking work. Also I have to wake up early for Swiming pool, And then The LINEAR ALGEBRA class which seems to be real GPA decreaser for this semester. After missing just one class I have 74% attendence due to this add/drop delay funda. Notwithstanding is the excellent performance in the first test, where I got 10/25(sighs). Then PR class, again I am very badly out of context in all these subjects (need to put in some extra effort).

_Evening We have a talk by Pramati CEO, hope to write something speacial here for that too.

--Tomorrow We have some new assignment for Networks coming, I mean I have to be involved in checking it :).

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