Friday, September 24, 2004

PR Exams and Some mishaps

Really had a very time imagining about how much I will have to pay for the USB device (dongle) that I lost during the B'day Celebration of Amal Raj.
Spoil quite some time yesterday searching for it, ignoring the scarcity of time we had for our PR exam. There were already many mails on the mailing list regarding postponement of the Exam. Except for 2 ppl most were desperate for some extention at the least.

Finally in the class today sir postponed it for indefinite time. It will be only after LA test on 5 Oct. Also the great thing that happened today was getting back the USB dongle (It fell on the floor of the roof).

We have opted for the project of "Tracking of Face in a Video". My Team members are Jagmohan and Sandeep. Finally Jagmohan agreed on doing face recognition project after sir discussed about this in the class.

Yesterday We submitted the name of the 50 students and 3 faculty members to IBM Linux Campus Club stuff.

That all, running for the Systems Thinking class now. I plan to do some assignment and paper correction of Middleware and Networks in the free time tomorrow as We won't be by any change going to LINDEC.

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