Saturday, February 26, 2005

After the Exams...

Exams went of very swiftly In fact I didn't even bother to write any experience of the exam this time. I had only two exams, One was Intro to VTK endsem, which was a surprisingly good/tough paper as against his previous midsem. It went ok.

Second was the Ethics Midsem 2, it was also very simple after reading the big txt file send by vinodgupta in email. The first result of a search on the topic gave a sufficient material to read, understand and write, so I did. I consider putting that link here worth. The title is "Why be Moral".

Building sciences doesn't have any midsems so all the grading will depend on the end sem and the project only.

My thoat problem reappeared, this is I guess the 5-6 time in the current academic year I am facing the problem. I don't understand what is wrong with my throat.

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