Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Cyberlaws: Troubling an innocent

Slashdot article... This fellow (I read his interview), didn't know what it means to put some files on bit torrent and put Apples' developer only(or beta kinda) copy of his software on bit torrent. He is now sued by Apple for a huge amount. What will apple get by suing him?
Isn't forgiving the best thing Apple can do here?.
Also of importance is the fact : "Do read the term and conditions (accept/decline) stuff before you say accept. AFAIK It doesn't matter in India currently, but you never know"

Drunkenbatman posts this impressive article with a pointed quote from Apple co-creator Steve Wozniak and 24 others from all parts of the Apple Software world, criticising Apple's stance
against a 23-year-old pre-med student, desicanuk, who distributed a
pre-release Tiger build over a popular Mac Bittorrent site. There's
also an interview with desicanuk on drunkenbatman's site. (Original Slashdot article here.)"

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