Saturday, February 12, 2005

RMS visit

After lot of confusion whether to go or not, Finally me and Ranta left to "Hari Hara KalaBhavan" for this talk. Deepak's quote "He is coming from US to give a talk, can't we goto Secunderabad to hear it ?" Pointfull really.

It took us lot of time and money to reach that place as the address was given in a rather senseless manner. We reached at around 6 PM, bougth two GNU/T-shirts and went it.
GNU Shirt bought at RMS visit

GNU Shirt bought at RMS visit
The initial part was boring intro to telgu Linux and stuff, then stallman took over and went on for around 1 hrs drinking small cups full of tea every 2-3 minutes. Rantas blog has more content on the same.

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