Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Arjun's Belated B'day Celebration

We went to Ohri's for celebrating dear Pandits 23rd B'day. This decision was made after almost 15-20 minutes of standing on the Bus-stop.
More Photos Arjun B'day @ Ohris'

After reaching there we realized that no cakes were available so me, Dixit and Tiwary went looking for a B'day cake, which we found at Rana Bakers and Confectionaries oppst Music World.

More Photos Arjun B'day @ Ohris'

playing Dandia with 'sticks' @ Arjun B'day Party

Then there was cake cutting and Dinner. Left from Ohri's around 11:30 PM and came back to IIIT in seven seater from mehdipatnam playing funfull antakshari all the way.
Arjun B'day Photographs...
Arjun B'day Photographs...

After a long time Tiwary was again back in his moods of BC today as we have given him some room, not reminding him about Mrs Tiwary.

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