Saturday, February 19, 2005

Revisiting blogs explains there importance...

As I remain quite confused etc now aday, I visited my blogs of last year. Blogging clicked me in April possibly and I wanted to make my own bloging software. (It was probably, because I didn't see blogger and other options at that time).

Reading your own blogs is a real good timepass. I enjoyed reading them a lot. So I am motivated to go over heavy blogging again. Good one here, look for one with date 30 July 2004, regarding Linear Algebra.
In other stuff, doesn't have a feedback option, this is too bad for a software to grow. My observation:Software bought buy google doesn't improve over time as much as Google's inventions do. (e.g Orkut, blogger compared with Gmail, Google Search etc).

Now I am thinking of using kind of differentiator to discuss general happenings and project ideas, observation seperately.

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