Thursday, February 17, 2005

Dissatisfaction increasing with Blogger service

I thought was going to be stable blogging service for some time, but it doesn't seem like so now. Blogger sucks sometimes, I don't know if their is any solution to these problems:
1) Searching data in ur blog option?
2) Making a simple change in template causes, republishing stuff, Why not allow us having a inline php include kind of option, so that we can include a php page on the fly?
3) Photoblogging my major requirement didn't get sufficient answers. Interface shud have been simpler and cooler
4) I would always like to have my blogs with some non standard HTML tags for making searching etc easier. There should be ways to provide search on basis of these tags too.
5) Adding new info to that side bar is APITB(a pain in the back).
6) A good offline client should have been much more interesting.
7) Blogsom provides much better options
8) Changing old blog posts requires so many clicks to come to the target and change it, should have been easier.
9) ARE GOOGLE ENGINEERS SLEEPING?? No major update/addon since long time.


  1. Dude there are solutions for some of ur dissatisfactions..

    U can use hello+picasa combi for photo-bloggin and it is quite good!!

    And u can use w.bloggar for offline blogging which is again a good tool!!

    Hope that decreases some of ur dissatisfaction :)

  2. I kindoff know these options. I even know option of emailing the blog to a email address and get it posted. But all that is not sufficient and major problem is most of it is window only!

    Hello uses a PHP based website and can't provided a Linux Client? I will try this w.bloggar stuff, thanks for the information.

    Basically I want to give Google ppl some feedback on there blogging service, only if they do hear it. There response to Gmail feedbacks was pretty great. Let me try.

  3. I think GOOGLE needs our google * ;)

  4. 1.pretty easily done by putting in a small javascript that can be equally easily found at techorati
    2.republishing is a pain yes...lot of ppl have asked for php blogger but hey they are the guys running the show are THE BEST photoblogging system around..hellow is a pain..but flickr rocks
    4.come on dood...i can do it all alone..which means its not so bad..just a simple stylesheet mod
    5.hear of w.bloggar??
    6.blosxom also dosent provide several options+it takes time to set up was thought that blogs will be like many old diary entries have you gone back and edited?
    9.Lots of updates...may not be visible to the naked eye.but the comfort of blogger has gone up over the past 2 years