Sunday, February 20, 2005

Status of LUG shirts...(They are on the way )

Many ppl who gave me money for the shirts are eagerly waiting for them, when you ask me when the shirts are coming, even I feel bad that we didn't keep our word of delivering them by one week. But as usual the problem was in collecting money which we needed to pay him in advance before he starts making the shirt. It took us around 4-5 days to collect the money for half the orders itself.

But they are coming soon. The fellow has shown a sample peice to Kirti Sinha and said it will take 4-5 days to complete the shirt meaning Shirts SHOULD come by coming Wednessday. We can boost about our LUG in coming up events like OpenHouse.

In case your friends are interested in buying the shirt tell them that they can get them even now. We have ordered the shirts according to initial number of requests which were around 275, but till now only around 200 ppl have paid money so we might have some extra shirt,to be given(I mean sold) on FCFS basis. Please make the payment to KirtiSinha for this asap.

This one came yesterday:
Friend of Mine: Why are u taking so much time in bringing the shirts? You said one week that time.
me: When we said one week, we had only 100 shirts ordered. When we started collecting the money, we got around 250 requests. So obviusly the time required becomes 2.5 weeks.

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