Thursday, February 17, 2005

Windows Vs Linux the never ending debate

Why Opensource: Another BC-ful discussion

Yesterday night, on the coffee shop(aka Jersey Shop), we had a ellaborate discussion on same the same old topic, "Opensource". I have already written at various place how these kind of discussions have been going on since last 3 years and how informative etc they are.

Majji started somehow that "I don't like OpenSource", I don't remember what lead to this comment. Then Ranta explained him why software should be free as in freedom (using what we have learnt from RMS, that same friend asking software copy stuff). No offence intended, but Majji is another person who feels that Free means free as in freebear. I have explained him many times, but he won't agree to me. probably writing may be better way. Example of Paid free software 1) Red Hat Linux Enterprize edition, AfAIK single copy of Redhat costs more than Windows server.2) RMS and later GNU use to sell Emacs for around 150$. These software are free but paid, may be confusing but not contradictory. (RMS did tell us a lot about this to clarify the philosophy, Read Ranta blog on RMS visit for details).

Rather than writting in report format I will write in conversation format.

Majji: Ppl don't learn when OSS is available they copy the code.
Piyush: I have learnt writing matrix library in 2'nd sem but still I can prefer to use a professional version.

Thoughts: Does everyone using Windows:Matlab learn how matrix operations are done, Can they even think of understanding?

Majji: Software should be paid, 'coz we are writting it for money.
ME/Ranta: Don't confuse between Freedom and Freebear.

BC started...

Later we moved to Windows Vs Linux. Don't know why.

Utkarsh, Majji, Sachin: Why do you always compare Windows with Properiatery software. You are only agains Bill gates or microsoft not in favour
of OpenSource etc. Majji: ppl in Linux community want software for free thats it.
Me: Why do u always take example of Linux. Aren't u only unhappy with Linux with Free and not with the concept of Free software. Why take na
me of Linux Community as a group of ppl who want everything for free. Doesn't a Windows user keep looking for freewares and pirated stuff all around the
net. We all care for our money and spent it wisely, Ppl in Linux Community look for F/OSS while Windows community look for Pirated/Freeware software.

Then we started talking about Bill Gates as a person. I reminded two slashdot article one quoting bill as against patents in 1990 and another ab
out him talking of laying off 800 ppl from a Dutch overtaking for Dutch not signing European Patents law. Utkarsh and others appreciated BillGates for w
hat he has done in these 10 years, well I don't know but we can't just appreciate one anything/everything he does. We should also have our stand. I don'
t always agree with RMS/Linux Torvalds, I find my thinking different with them at various points.

Sachin: Ppl are only against successful ppl in the world. Ppl don't like their success.
Vardhman: Same applies to Linux heros too aint it?

I am not against bill gates earning lots of money, I just feel that when I have an option of Open Source and Closed source of same quality I wou
ld buy OpenSource. This may be because I am a Geek(I feel so), but also that I can't imagine being something that I am not(laymen). (PPL say laymen like
s Windows. Well laymen in Brazil have proved this wrong.) Window is simple to use once setup, so is Linux if you use a proper distro.

We have had a debate earlier someone saying "My Mom loves Window". Well My Bro loves Linux. Not that he is a geek or something because I gave him a version with lots of Linux games in it. My Computer is not powerfull enuf to run hefty graphics games and I also don't recommend him to waste his time getting addicted to those games. Now that question if My mom is using a Comp only for listening to songs why should I spend 500$ on hardware and 400$ on MS windows, shouldn't I rather buy her a Apple IPOD at 500$. At least she won't have to care about installing antivirus and updating system everytime new flaws are discovered in the OS? On similar lines if Comp was to be given to some one to just play games I would rather buy him/her a Sony Playstation or PSP(if only I had that much money to spent that I would be buying Windows).

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  1. Hey vardhaman, we didnt force you to use windows. We were just saying that you stop project Bill Gates as a villian. If you dont like him dont use his software, but uski burai kar ne mein tumhe maza kyun aata hai? windows isnt that bad. Even if it is just dont use it. The matter ends there. Why do you want to curse coz some person made millions and he wasnt worth it as you say. Well there are a lot of ppl who think he deserved it all. And one more thing - i'm not against linux or open source. I myself use FC3 on my system(in lab i use windows, u know why :) ).