Saturday, February 19, 2005

Movie of the year --- BLACK

I saw black yesterday with Ramneek in IMAX. It was quite easy to get ticket once we reached 1 hr in advance. I was not very happy with the idea of going in the afternoon, but that was probably the only option. We spent some time shopping (we did actually buy some stuff). In the hall I got a seat next to a *AAL, Ramneek protested, but I knew he was also no better. I was not able to talk either, anyways the movie was good enuf for me not to divert my attention. I would recomment BLACK to one and all.

Some SCREENshots of movie black to be put here soon.


  1. oye googs, when r we getting the LUG t-shirts???

  2. did googs did sth seating there...or he had his fool concentration on the movie.

    hey googs, whats her name ??

    Regarding LUG T-shirts, i guessed they _OPEN-SOURCED_ our money. Lets see if we get anything >;)